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Meet Christine Richardson, D.Ac, LMT

Hello, My Name is Christine Richardson. I am a licensed Massage therapist and a Doctor of Acupuncture. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness in 2017 from Purdue Global University and continued my journey at the Won Institute where I graduated in 2021.

My approach to healing is to listen to the whole person’s body, mind, and soul.

I have had 11 years of extensive training while working as a massage therapist. During this time I was working for the Lodge at Woodlock along with pursuing many modalities that help the body to release both physical and mental traumas. This included Thai massage (which includes Deep stretches and Hara work) and Energy work (which helps to balance the chakras and assist in overall wellbeing and relaxation.) I customize every treatment to what you need at the moment.

In my spare time, I unwind with my husband and our daughter. We play games, learn how to cook, Watch baking shows, and find other ways to enjoy our leisure time. We have two very energetic, if not overly rambunctious dogs named Poe and Pryia. We spend a lot of nights laughing and watching the fur babies do zoomies around the house. Life is full of magic if we let it in.

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Looking forward to meeting you. For any questions or more information please contact me at 1507 877 8053">1570 877 8053.


Christine Richardson, D.Ac, LMT | (570) 703-0755